Aspecton ®. Power packs from nature's pharmacy.

Effective medicinal plants and a powerful action – that’s what is in Aspecton®. This range of powerful cold medications for the entire family is very well tolerated and only available from your pharmacy. These power packs from nature's own pharmacy provide a comprehensive range of plant power for your health.

  • Aspecton® Cough Drops & Aspecton® Cough Syrup are free from alcohol, sugar, lactose, gluten and colourants but they are highly effective.
  • Aspecton® Nasal Spray is free from xylometazoline and preservatives and does not cause dependency or tiredness.
  • Aspecton® Eukaps is used to treat bronchial mucus, a blocked nose and painful pressure in the head, with easy-to-swallow capsules.
  • Aspecton® Throat Lozenges Anise & Cassis noticeably alleviate a dry cough and hoarseness – with no added sugars but with Vitamin C.
  • Aspecton® Cough Suppressant & Aspecton® Junior Cough Suppressant alleviate dry cough; moisturise and calm – with a pleasant honey flavour.
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Aspecton ® naturally helpful.

All Aspecton® medications contain the power of select medicinal plants. Our key herbal ingredients include extracts of thyme, Iceland moss, cistus and precious essential oils from eucalyptus leaves.

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Quality made in Germany.

Our competitive position is the result of the high quality of our medicinal products and the innovative galenic development of established active ingredients. This is made possible not only by the research and development that we carry out in Germany, but also by our manufacturing activities at our production sites in North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia. The beautiful surroundings of our production sites at the foot of the Westerwald Range and within the Thuringian Forest are entirely appropriate for a manufacturer of herbal medications that is steeped in tradition.